Our Background

Medium Enterprises Trading House

Halal & Green Products Specialist

As a country with the largest Muslim population supported by abundant natural resources, Indonesia is capable of producing Halal and green products to meet the domestic and global demands that keep increasing significantly. The Halal and green products always keep forward quality assurance and prime quality products which are environmentally friendly and sustainable in each product produced, making them two chosen life styles at present.


According to the data gathered from various sources the trading value of food and drinks, in particular Halal products is around 115 million US Dollars in 2015 whereas globally, the trading value of these commodities is estimated more than 7 million US Dollars. The number will keep increasing as the market demand is growing.


The growing number of Muslim population in the world and non Muslims who are interested in consuming Halal products also contribute to the trading value of Halal products. At present, many people have adopted the life-style of Halal products, not only in consuming food and drinks, but also in using products of other industrial sectors, such as cosmetics, drugs, health products and devices, and also logistics, packaging, clothes, travel and others. Green Product is one of the urgent considerations for global consumers to fulfill their daily needs. So, Halal and green products are potential and strategic businesses that have bright prospects to be developed.

Based on the condition explained above, Medium Enterprise of Trading House (ME Trading House) has decided to focus on marketing the Halal and Green products either to fulfill the demands of local market, or to export them mainly to the Federation of Russia, Central Asia Africa, and Middle East.


ME Trading House has become a partner of UKM (Small and Medium Enterprises) entrepreneurs in developing businesses to enter local and foreign markets with international standard by providing trainings in Management, Funding, Trading and Product.


Besides establishing partnership with UKM, ME Trading House is also a partner of International trading companies that are capable of providing reliable exported products with international quality.


Since Indonesia and South-East Asia Regions have potential and attractive markets, Medium Enterprise Trading House also gives the opportunity to international companies cooperating together to penetrate markets in these regions as the marketing representative.