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  • Muslim fashion
  • Palm sugar
  • Herbs and Spices
  • Handycraft
  • Food
  • Etc

Categories Halal Product

Muslims around the world and the interest of non-Muslim consumers to consume halal products is increasing. At present, the trend and lifestyle of the wider community that adopts Halal continues to grow and is not limited to the consumption of food and beverages.

Categories Products

  • Tie Weaving
  • Herbal Medichine
  • Modern Furniture
  • Other

Categories Green Product

Green Product is one of the main considerations for global consumers to meet the needs of everyday life.

About Us

Medium Enterprise Trading House, under the auspices of PT Arfaidhams Secret, is a company that engaged in the field of consultation services, training & trading house with national & international experiences as a practitioner in the field. Our clients are banking companies (national/foreign), BUMD (Regional-Owned Enterprises), BUMN (State-owned Enterprises), and other public companies.


We become a partner of small and medium enterprises (UKM) to develop the UKM, our business partner by providing managerial assistance, consultation of business funding, local & global trading. Besides bridging the medium-scale enterprises, we can also become a business partner of upper medium-scale companies.

Our Team

In addition to grooming, exporting, importing, integrating and competition with international markets we will also provide the training needed by these SME entrepreneurs in managerial knowledge, export knowledge, import, international standard certification of marketed products.


Through the Trading House, SMEs become partnerships in integrating existing problems to face global competition.


Collaboration with certification bodies also equips us to equip employees, business people, and individuals to complete it in open competition later.


Novia Papaveriana


Ir.Bahris Paseng, MA

Co Founder
The Trading House will provide the entrepreneurs with training programs and consultations, among others:


  • Preparation of SOP & Job Description
  • Risk Profile Assessment
  • Legal & Lisencing
  • Others


  • Investment
  • Working Capital
  • Export & Import Facilities
  • And others


  • Domestic
  • International
  • Others


  • Maximum Cost of Goods
  • Manufactured (CGM)
  • Packaging
  • Quality Control
  • Others

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